Training Videos


Videos of gup forms and the Cheezic Federation one step sparring techniques are available on the AMAC YouTube channel. These videos are not intended as a way for students to learn hyungs or techniques on their own. They are intended as tools to assist students train on their own time after having been taught by AMAC's instructors. They are generally not available to the public, nor should anyone attempt to make them so. To gain access to the videos, please follow the instructions below.

  1. If you do not already have one, create a gmail account.  
  2. Send an email from this account to If you created an obscure account name (e.g. instead of one with your name, please include your name when you send us the email.
  3. Once we receive your account email, we will provide access to the videos which you need based on your current rank. Please remember, you must be logged into your gmail account to view the videos.