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In 1961 Grandmaster Robert Cheezic brought back to Connecticut a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do. It's an art that has roots that go back some 2000 years. It's known as a great defensive system and for it's unparalleled and distinctive forms. AMAC is a proud member of the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation, and has been awarded the honor of  School of the Year by the federation.

Master Ken Saucier, owner and chief instructor of American Martial Arts Center has been teaching Tang Soo Do since 1985, and opened AMAC in Foster, RI in 1994. Master Saucier has dedicated himself to passing on his knowledge to others by creating a trained and certified staff of instructors who are professional, courteous, friendly and proficient in the instruction of martial arts.

We at AMAC pride ourselves on identifying and understanding each student's needs and helping them meet their goals. Over the years, we have applied the philosophy and theories of Tang Soo Do and other martial arts, to create a dynamic and practical approach to self-defense. Our guidelines, instruction and professional staff will guide you to better mental and physical fitness, as well as teach you to discipline yourself through martial arts.

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