Frequently asked questions

Q - Why should I choose AMAC over another school?

A - We offer the highest quality of training, from Masters with decades of experience, in a friendly, family-like atmosphere. 

Q -Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

A - No. AMAC does not utilize contracts.

Q - How long have you been teaching? How long has the school been around?

A - Owner Master Ken Saucier, 8th degree Master Black Belt, began teaching in 1986. Master Paula Saucier, 6th degree Master Black Belt, has been teaching since 1991. AMAC has been at it's location in Foster, RI since 1994.

Q - When do students get promoted to a higher belt? 

A - AMAC students must show proficiency in both the new and all previously learned curricula. AMAC has approximately three grading ceremonies each year for under black belts (gups). Gup gradings are open to students' families. Black Belt gradings are performed at the Federation level, and are closed to all except existing Black Belts and the Black Belt candidates themselves.

Q - How long does it take me to get a Black Belt? Do you have a Black Belt Club?

A - AMAC students can earn a first degree black belt in approximately 4-5 years. AMAC is a Black Belt school dedicated to providing all students with quality instruction in martial arts techniques, self-defense and weapons. 

Q - Do Martial Arts really work in the real world?

A - AMAC is a traditional Tang Soo Do school.  Self-defense is incorporated into the curriculum with the focus on techniques against common "street attacks" e.g. a choke attack from behind, being assaulted with a weapon. Stress is placed on awareness of ones environment, reaction and executing techniques, and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. 

Q - Is my child old enough for martial arts?

A - Generally, 5-6 years old is a good starting age. Most children by this age have developed enough both physically and mentally to take and benefit from instruction. 

Special allowances can and have been made  for children under five who  show the aptitude to take direction. You are more then welcome to bring you child to AMAC for an evaluation at no charge. 

Q - Will my child become unruly or aggressive?

A - Martial arts is not about kicking and punching. AMAC provides programming that promotes respect and self discipline. The students will increase their confidence and learn self-control, concentration and socialization skills. 

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