The key concepts of what AMAC teaches are embodied in the tenets, codes and student creed of Tang Soo Do. All students are required to learn them and commit them to memory.

Rules Of The Dojang

Rules of conduct are important in any teaching situation, especially in Tang Soo Do where discipline and self-control are crucial elements of what we teach. Please familiarize yourself with the rules regarding expected behavior AMAC.


As you advance in your studies at AMAC, you will learn many new terms and concepts. Out of respect for the Korean masters who gave us Tang Soo Do, and as part of the mental discipline of martial arts, you will be required to know these terms in Korean as well as English.


Stances are the building blocks of martial arts. Just as no house can stand without a solid foundation, nothing in Tang Soo Do can be done well without the execution of proper stances. As students progress in their training, they will learn new and more complex stances.


Forms are stylized patterns of various martial arts techniques that serve two basic functions. The first, is to help provide a structured means of gauging the progression of students' training while also helping provide measurable criteria for advancement. The second function of forms is to allow students to practice and eventually command muscle memory of various techniques. While parts of certain forms may appear to be coordinated steps that could be executed in exact sequence in a combat situation, that is incidental. Their purpose is to teach and then allow students to practice and master the individual techniques themselves.

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One Step Sparring

The Cheezic Federation cirriculum includes a series of techniques designed to defend against a simple, frontal attack. They serve a similar purpose to forms, however they are specific to our federation and comprised of fewer steps than forms. There are five different sets of these techniques, and four different steps to each of them. Students first learn the first step of each of the five sets, and then progress to the subsequent step of the five sets as they move up to Green, then Red and finally Black Belt rank.

Rank Requirements

The Cheezic Federation has minimum requirements for the advancement of students. Individual schools may impose additional requirements at the discretion of the school's Master Instrucutor.


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